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Online escaperoom for 1 team or person

The online escaperooms are designed in such a way that they can be played individually or in a small team. Do you opt for a team? Then we strongly recommend playing with a maximum of 4 players in a team. This ensures the right challenge during the game and everyone can still have their brains peaked.

Game duration

Depending on the experience of the players, a team of four people takes an average of one hour to play. Do you play with more people or do you want more of a challenge? Then choose to play in multiple teams. You can then challenge each other online and use a time penalty for the use of hints.

Play all at once

When you play in a team, you can easily play the game online simultaneously. Use video software such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Jitsi to get in touch with each other. Walk through the different rooms and help each other solve the different puzzles. Use pen and paper to write down the answers. This way you can quickly find and apply the answers at a later stage.

Ready for the challenge?

Ready to escape? Buy an access code and choose the escaperoom you prefer (or play both!). After you have received the code, you can immediately enter the escaperoom. Look for clickable elements and solve the riddles. Need a break? Go ahead! You always have the opportunity to continue with the game at a later time.

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