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Mansion Escape

  • The story…

    An old eccentric uncle has disappeared… The last thing you heard from him is a letter. A written cry for help. Not something out of the ordinary for this uncle, as he have sent weird letters on other occasions too. But this time it sounded more serious. You decide to travel to his remote villa to find out what is going on.…

  • The Escaperoom…

    When you arrive at the villa, the door is not answered after you ring the bell. So you decide to find your own way in. With an eye for small details, you know how to get this done…

    Once you have entered, you want to find out exactly what is going on as soon as possible. Strolling through all the rooms of the house, you find another strange letter from your uncle. There are also various assignments hidden in the various rooms. It seems as if these assignments were devised by him. Solve the quests to unravel the mystery surrounding your uncle. Find out what is going on and where your uncle has gone.

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The game

The Mansion Escape is an online escaperoom that you can play alone or in a team. Choose one team to solve assignments together and escape within an hour. More than four participants? Go for multiple teams and turn it into a competition! The Mansion Escape is ideally suited to play with colleagues, groups of friends or family members!

  • Play by yourself or in a team

    Buy 1 code once and share it with team members. Play in a team of max. 4 people for sufficient challenge.

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  • Play with multiple teams

    Choose a challenge by playing with 2 to 4 people per team. The more teams, the lower the price per team.

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