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Casino Escape

  • The story…

    It seemed like a nice trip to go to Eastern Europe, and it started out as a nice trip, until something goes amiss. You have become friends with a couple of locals and shared the remainder of the evening together, till you end up in some back alley casino. A bad call, as these friends are not as friendly as you initially thought…

  • The Escaperoom…

    You wake up in a dark area and in shock. What happened yesterday? You went out with some friends and had quite some drinks. God, you have a splitting headache. You vagily remember something about ending up in a casino, but where are you now? Where are the others? It is very quiet and dark. You decide to stand up and look for a way out.

    Once you turn on the light, you notice that you are locked up inside of the casino. Now it is up to you to figure out how to get out of there, as there is no one to help you escape. Walk through the casino and solve the puzzles and riddles you find along the way. The sooner you solve all puzzles, the sooner you can get out of this sinister casino.

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The game

Casino Escape is a challenging escaperoom that you can play alone or with several people. Get together with friends, colleagues, relatives or acquaintances to escape the casino online. Play in one or more teams for an extra challenge. Escape the escaperoom as quickly as possible and use hints as little as possible.

Simply purchase an unique access code to play the game. Buy a code for yourself/the team or for multiple teams.

  • Play by yourself or in a team

    Buy 1 code once and share it with team members. Play in a team of max. 4 people for sufficient challenge.

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  • Play with multiple teams

    Choose a challenge by playing with 2 to 4 people per team. The more teams, the lower the price per team.

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