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Online escaperoom for multiple teams

Our escaperooms are well suited for a play with multiple teams. This makes the escaperooms ideally suited as a digital company outing. The game is good for team building and ensures that all colleagues (with their different qualities) are involved. Where one cannot solve the problem, the other immediately has the solution. This makes the escaperoom extra fun to play in teams!

Volume discounts

We calculate the prices with interesting volume discounts for groups of teams. Click here to view the prices.

Number of players per team

We recommend playing with teams of up to four people. Such a team takes about an hour to escape. Collaboration during the game is essential. So use software like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Hangouts, Jitsi, etc. (to play the game safely in times of Corona).

Collaboration is essential

The game can begin once everyone is in contact with each other. Players can search for clickable elements in the escaperoom and solve puzzles in any order. It is important to remember or write down answers properly, because you will need those numbers later on. The escaperoom does not have to be completed in one go, so a break is always possible. Is the team really struggling? Then of course there are hints available. But the fastest does not necessarily have to be the smartest team…

Monitor and influence the result

After all teams are ready, the organizer will receive an overview with the results. It states how long the teams have spent on the game and how many hints each team has used. The organizer can also set a time penalty for the use of hints. This can eventually lead to a surprising result! All in all, a unique experience to play with colleagues.

Who escapes first? And who came out without hints? Let the battle among the players begin!

Play with more teams and get a greater discount

The players will have the most optimal experience when they play with 2 to 4 players per team. To keep things interesting, we use a reduced price for companies and organizations with large amount of teams.

Number of teams Prijs per team
1 tot 4 € 19,95
5 tot 9 € 14,95
10 tot 24 € 13,95
25 tot 49 € 11,95
50 + € 10,95
Meer dan 75? Maatwerk

Got any specific requests? Please contact us and let us see if we can fulfill those needs with some customization.

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